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What are the digital marketing strategies in export?

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There are some important aspects a company need to determine in order to develop a solid digital background:

  • How you market your product,
  • What arguments you use when presenting your product to your potential customers,
  • How you deploy it,
  • Who you appeal to and
  • In which channels you present your product are as vital as your product.

With the development of technology and its placement at the center of our lives, the world of marketing has gained a digital dimension. One of the most important digital marketing solutions developed for export is B2B marketing strategy. With the B2B marketing strategy, the website is optimized, the target regions to be exported are determined, and the marketing of goods and services directly from the company to the company is realized.

Website and Social Media Channels

The corporate website or social media accounts, where the exporter promotes his brand profile and exhibits his products, can also be shown among digital marketing strategies. In these platforms, criteria such as region, age, area of interest will be filtered and advertisements that will reach large masses will be marketed to potential customers living in any part of the world through social media.


Building a Brand Awareness

BM Foreign Trade Consulting analyzes the products, target market and audience of the consulting firms in the best way, develops marketing arguments suitable for the product and sector of the consulting firms, and aims to increase brand awareness and visibility by delivering these arguments to potential customers in the most accurate way in digital media.

If you have a goal of reaching more potential customers on digital platforms, which are shown as the most qualified advertising tool today, you can get marketing strategy support from companies that provide Export Consultancy services.

Export Consultancy firms are the companies that know the country’s foreign market, foreign customer profiles and expectations best and develop the best strategies for marketing.

Instead of providing only marketing, only advertising or only domestic sales department services, it offers all of these as a service under the same roof.


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