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What is CMR Document and Application Areas?

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In international transportation; There are many agreements that are used in determining mutual terms. However, these vary according to the type of transport.

  • In sea transports; Ocean Bill of Lading (B/L)Marine Bill of Lading;
  • in rail transports; Railway Bill (RWB)-Railway Transport Bill,
  • in road transport; Truck Bill of Lading or CMR-Land Transport Bill,
  • in air transport; Airway Bill (AWB)-Air Transport Bill is used.

The most widely used type of transportation in the world is the road, and in this case, CMR agreements are frequently encountered.

What is CMR Document? (meaning, Definitions)

This document, also know as CMR consignment note, constitutes a proof of the contract of carriage by road, determines the scope and responsibility for the operation performed and identifies the parties involved and the goods being transported. Its use implies adherence to the CMR (“Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route) that governs this document. This document includes the instructions that the exporter or the importer gives to the carrier, so it necessarily has to accompany the goods in road shipments. The issue of this document should be made by the carrier (the driver of the truck) with all the necessary information to formalize the collection of the goods.

Based on the CMR, the International Road Transport Union (IRU) developed a standard CMR waybill. The CMR waybill is prepared in three languages. On the back is the text again in three languages. This aids the waybill in being accepted and recognised throughout Europe. Checked by customs and police, a transport document must be present when the shipment is transported.


CMR Agreement and Scope

CMR document; It is international in nature and is a road transport document used by countries that accept the provisions of the agreement. Opening; Convertion is Marchandises Routiers; It means International Road Goods Transport Insurance. It is signed on both sides as the buyer and the transport company. It is essential that the goods be transported under the specified conditions; form the subject of the contract. It indicates the forms of transportation, its surrender. It is a legal document.

There is no special format for the CMR document. All of the interests and accuracy contained in the CMR document belong to the exporting company.

The CMR document is issued in 3 original copies. One belongs to the exporting company, one to the goods while being transported by road, and the last to the carrier company. Since it is a legal document; used as evidence in litigation matters. The CMR agreement is signed by the carrier and the loader company. Printed or stamped can also be used instead of signature.

  • Responsibilities of the exporter company on the CMR document;
  • The information on the Link CMR document is correct
  • Making the goods packaging perfect
  • It is essential to prepare the documents required by the customs.
  • Responsibilities for the transport company;
  • Loss, damage or delay of the goods between the date of transfer and the delivery date of the goods to be transported
  • These are the actions of employees, agents and subcontractors involved in the transportation process.

In CMR, which has a highway agreement; Installation cannot be done domestically. So international transportation is a must. The subject of transport must be goods. Credit and debt must create a relationship. Due to this situation, it should be prepared under legal conditions; Both sides must protect their rights. In no way can it contain a provision regarding the belonging of the property and no rights can be claimed.



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