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MSC Mina

The Biggest Container Ships In The World

The Biggest Container Ships In The World Based On Cargo Capacity HMM ALGECIRAS – 23,964 TEU MSC GÜLSÜN– 23,756 TEU MSC MINA – 23,656...

Belfast Harbour / Port

Importance of Belfast Harbour / Port Belfast Harbour is a major maritime hub in Northern Ireland, handling 67% of Northern Ireland's seaborne trade and about...

The Importance and History of Belfast, North Ireland

What is the population, Location and Religion Of Belfast? PopulationLocationReligionPopulation Belfast’s 2021 population is now estimated at 634,594. Location Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland. It is...
Symphony of the Seas biggest cruise ship-min

The Biggest Cruise Ship in The World 2021

What is The Biggest, Largest Cruise Ship In The World in 2021? Symphony of the Seas is the fourth Oasis-class and 25th cruise ship from Royal...

Turkey’s minimum wage October 2021

How much is the minimum wage in Turkey in October 2021? The government has increased the minimum wage to 2,825 Turkish Liras (roughly $379) in...
port and containers

Tax And Customs For Goods Sent From Abroad

What is Customs and Vat duty?Anything posted or couriered to you from another country goes through customs to check it is not banned or...
Polypropylene Homo-Polymer PPHP Definition, Uses Advantages

Polypropylene Homo-Polymer (PPHP): Definition, Uses and Advantages

Polypropylene (PP) was invented in 1954 by Professor Natta and was first manufactured commercially under the Moplen brand by the Montedison company in 1957.Polypropylene...